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Six HMDA Analyses You Never Thought Possible

I made a list of six intriguing analyses that can be done with the public 2018 HMDA data. Possibilities are almost endless. Affordability Analysis  You can find where the borrowers are who can afford homes above a particular threshold (e.g., $1 million) using...

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UDAAP and ECOA Issues in Servicing

Due to the mass amounts of paperwork and legislation, mortgages are a key part of the U.S. financial industry and its most complex feature as well. Here is a quick breakdown of two key compliance concerns related to servicing, one being “fair servicing” ECOA issues...

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Preparing for the 2018 HMDA Submission

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act makes essential information accessible for professionals in the financial industry to help us all make better decisions based on data analysis. Be sure to check out the Bureau’s last update for the most recent changes before submitting...

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