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Five Reasons for Doing a HMDA Scrub

With only a few months left before your March 1 filing, now is a good time to plan the year-end HMDA scrub. The point of a HMDA Scrub is to compare specific data in the loan application register (LAR) to loan origination source systems (LOS) or physical loan...

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What is a Low Denial Rate Really Telling You?

Here’s an observation worth considering: A low denial rate irrespective of prohibited bases does not in itself ensure that denial disparities by prohibited bases will disappear.  In fact, that low denial rate could be a warning that other issues exist, and if the...

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How to Monitor and Assess Redlining Risk

This article will highlight a few recent high profile redlining cases and their settlements. Then, we will explain how fair lending software and consulting can help mortgage lenders evaluate their redlining risk. Our tools are guided by the following settlements...

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5 Fair Lending Myths Dispelled

After a long career in mortgage finance and fair lending I’ve attended many panels, workshops, and conferences on fair lending.  All too frequently at these events, I hear someone from the audience or even a panelist declare a “fair lending myth.”  A fair...

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6 Keys to Managing Resources in Fair Lending

Lenders are often faced with questions:  What resources do I need to manage fair lending? How much should I budget?  The human, technological and monetary resources needed to manage fair lending risk vary by a lender's size and scope of operations.  The...

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