For anyone who needs to understand the who, what, and where about mortgage lending in America.

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What can LendingPatterns™ do for you?

Features and benefits of LendingPatterns™

Getting Started

✔ No software to install

✔ No hidden server cost

✔ Register online and get
started with HMDA/
fair lending analysis
the same day

✔ No multi-year contract

• FFIEC Guidelines and Exam Prep
• Borrower characteristic
• Charts and Maps
• Marketing Risk Factors
• Lender Overview
• Assessment of Fair Housing
• Application characteristics
• Parent company risk analysis
• Custom peer group
• Interactive charts
• Market Analysis
• Lending performance benchmarks
• Market intelligence

Data Analytics

✔  Monitor lending performance
inside and outside of
Assessment Areas

✔ ‘Robust peer selection tool’
defines similarly-situated lenders
by business model metrics

✔ Gauge compliance performance
with built-in FFIEC examiner
redlining risk factors

• Custom geography
• Performance outliers
• Evidence-based assessments
• Historical data
• Area demographics
• Redlining risk factors
• Production opportunities
• Drill-down ability
• Robust peer selection
• Underwriting risk factors
• Pricing risk factors
• GSE goals
• Custom reporting

Community Management

✔ Frequent workshops offered
through free online training
with live instruction

✔ All maintenance included
in annual license fee

• Disparity analysis
• Historical data
• HMDA tables
• Lender risk analysis
• Spread profile
• LAR count
• Fair Lending Scoping
• Disparity analysis
• Community Reinvestment Act
• Ethnicity disparity profile
• Gender disparity profile