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How Well do You Really Know Your HMDA Peers?

Questionable HMDA annual income values can compromise the integrity of fair lending and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) analysis. This field seems straightforward, right? The lender reports the “gross annual income relied on in making the credit decision”. The lender...

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Interesting Facts About the 2019 HMDA Data

The CFPB released the final 2019 National Snapshot HMDA data about three months earlier than last year, and ComplianceTech has refreshed LendingPatterns™ with the latest data.  An initial review of the data reveals the following interesting facts. There were a total...

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Fair Lending: Expectations vs. Reality

Inaccurate information held by organizations regarding fair lending risk management can hinder them from successfully managing that risk. Today, we’re looking at five prevalent expectations within the industry and the reality for each. Expectation #1: Written policies...

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Data Integrity in 2019 Modified HMDA LARs

Two months ago, I wrote about data quality issues that I had seen in the 2018 public HMDA dataset. It turns out that HMDA data quality issues persist in 2019. LendingPatterns™ quickly revealed income reporting issues in the LAR.  As an example, for one lender, the...

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2019 Refinancing Uptick by the Numbers

The 2019 uptick in refinancings has been well-documented in the media and by mortgage trade organizations. LendingPatterns™ can slice and dice the HMDA data to shed additional light on this increase. In brief, at a high level, I am seeing a 90.2% increase in the...

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