• LendingPatterns™
  • Fair Lending Magic™
  • Outsourced Fair Lending Consulting
  • A powerful web-based HMDA data analysis system that provides a framework for analyzing lender(s) performance by race/ethnicity, income and geography.


  • Comprehensive web-based system for fair lending monitoring/risk assessments, transactional file reviews, mapping and statistical analysis.

  • A trusted fair lending risk management consultant offering confidential advice using powerful fair lending technologies, and cutting edge methodologies.

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Data-Driven Fair Lending Analytical Solutions for Legal and
Regulatory Compliance

  • Deep dive into lending data to uncover specific lending opportunities, systemic operational impediments to success and hidden origination or compliance failure risks
  • Minimize risk and simplify compliance
  • Quickly create complex reports with rapid HMDA data
  • Prepare for the next Fair Lending or CRA exam

Easy-to-use Fair Lending, HMDA and CRA analysis tools video

Fair Lending Magic™ 4.0 Video




ComplianceTech is a fair lending software vendor and consultant specializing in providing high tech analytical solutions to legal and regulatory compliance issues associated with consumer lending programs. ComplianceTech recognizes that ALL LENDERS ARE NOT ALIKE and that cookie cutter approaches to fair lending will not work. That is why we take a custom approach to serving each client, combining industry renowned analysis with the added assurance of our powerful fair lending technologies, while maintaining confidential reporting of findings.