About Us

Founded in 1992, ComplianceTech™ provides specialized lending intelligence services to financial institutions nationwide. ComplianceTech™ is renowned for its expertise in identifying market opportunities, formulating lending benchmarks, and implementing emerging markets, CRA and fair lending best practices. Our team is multi-disciplined in areas of lending, research, statistical analysis, law and economics. What makes us unique is that we implement our multi-disciplinary approach by exploiting novel data-driven technologies. Our motto is “All Lenders are Not Alike.” This says we recognize that cookie-cutter approaches to emerging markets, CRA, fair lending, and low/moderate income lending, are unlikely to work. We pride ourselves on taking a deep dive into the data to uncover specific lending opportunities, systemic operational impediments to success and hidden origination or compliance failure risks.

We’ve helped institutions of all sizes uncover opportunities, minimize risk and simplify compliance, and our passion and expertise in data analysis is renowned. Our flagship software product, LendingPatterns™, is regarded as the industry standard for data analysis – and combined with our consulting and outsourcing services delivers a superior advantage in the marketplace. When you need to advance to a more in-depth level, Fair Lending Magic™ is a complete fair lending risk analysis system for more than just mortgage loans. With Fair Lending Magic™ you can conduct transactional file analysis (match pair/benchmark overlap), determine statistically significant differences by race/ethnicity/gender/age categories, and perform regression analyses to determine whether supposed disparate outcomes are better explained by differences in qualifications versus prohibited factors.

ComplianceTech™ Corporate Capabilities