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Five Reasons for Doing a HMDA Scrub

With only a few months left before your March 1 filing, now is a good time to plan the year-end HMDA scrub. The point of a HMDA Scrub is to compare specific data in the loan application register (LAR) to loan origination source...

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What is a Low Denial Rate Really Telling You?

Here’s an observation worth considering: A low denial rate irrespective of prohibited bases does not in itself ensure that denial disparities by prohibited bases will disappear.  In fact, that low denial rate could be a warning that other issues exist, and if the...

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5 Fair Lending Myths Dispelled

After a long career in mortgage finance and fair lending I’ve attended many panels, workshops, and conferences on fair lending.  All too frequently at these events, I hear someone from the audience or even a panelist declare a “fair lending myth.”  A fair...

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