The 2021 HW Tech100 Mortgage winners have been officially announced and ComplianceTech has been selected as a 2021 HW Tech100 Mortgage winner!  

ComplianceTech provides a complete suite of web-based software to make fair and responsible lending easier. The company’s innovative suite of web-based solutions, including HMDA Ready, CRA Check, LendingPatterns, Fair Lending Magic, and Fair Servicing are used by lenders and regulators, to analyze, monitor and manage complex issues related to HMDA, CRA, and Fair Lending. ComplianceTech software allows lenders to prepare for regulatory scrutiny and implement corrective action in advance of a fair lending exam thereby mitigating fair lending risk. The technology gives insight into compliance with fair lending laws which require complex analyses like regression and match pair comparative studies and tools assess whether applicants have been treated fairly under ECOA and the Fair Housing Act. ComplianceTech has developed: 

  • A multi-year desktop HMDA data analysis and reporting tool
  • An automated desktop tool for comparative fair lending analysis
  • Race/ethnicity surrogate and gender coding software for fair lending analysis of non-HMDA reportable loans
  • Web-based HMDA data analysis and reporting tool with over 270 million mortgage transactions

2021 HW Tech100 Mortgage Winners – HousingWire