ComplianceTech Managing Director, Michael Taliefero, joined Mark Treichel on his “With Flying Colors” Podcast to discuss fair lending.

Episode Summary:

When it comes to credit transactions or lending, redlining is a real thing. Fair lending must be the standard. So in order to help prohibit these acts of discrimination, Mike Taliefero co-founded ComplianceTech. And together with his business partner was able to develop software that is capable of combining HMDA data with loan origination data. Their Suite includes LendingPatterns, CRA Check, Fair Lending Magic, Fair Servicing, and more. To learn more about ComplianceTech and fair lending, join Mark Treichel as he talks to the co-founder of ComplianceTech Mike Taliefero. Discover how and why ComplianceTech started. Learn how a fair lending compliance program should look in terms of staffing, organization, and scope of review. It’s all about due diligence and Mike believes in that. Learn more about what ComplianceTech offers today.

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