5 Things You Need to Know About ComplianceTech’s LendingPatterns™

The infographic depicts the an overview of the 2017 HMDA data released by CFPB on May 7th.  Below, you’ll find 5 Things You Need to Know about ComplianceTech’s LendingPatterns™ .

  1. LendingPatterns™ is up to date with the CFPB’s most recent Snapshot National Loan Level HMDA Dataset published on 5/7/2018.  
  2. The CFPB announced that they will publish weekly “dynamic datasets,” beginning in June, that will contain late submissions and resubmissions of lenders’ HMDA data. 
  3. Trend analysis is available for up to 14 years based on a lender’s HMDA submission history.
  4. LendingPatterns™ can plot HMDA and Non-HMDA lending activity on interactive maps. You can easily see a visual display of lending activity on a map.
  5. It is possible to upload non-public HMDA data for analysis prior to HMDA submission.  This is your opportunity to see year-to-date results and focus on strategies for action. 

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Download the Lender Overview Infographic for the 2017 National Snapshot