Register for our Live HMDA Ready™ Product Tour on Thursday, May 19th at 1 PM Eastern.

Are you happy with your current HMDA vendor or looking for an alternative? Join ComplianceTech on May 19th to learn about HMDA Ready. HMDA Ready goes beyond the standard edit checks and we will show you how you can catch data issues before submission. Bring along your questions and our experts will be able to answer them during the session.

HMDA Ready™ allows you to create a submission-ready loan application register (LAR), which is also completely integrated into the ComplianceTech Suite of tools. It is accessible with easy-to-use templates and quick import functionality from the loan origination system.

HMDA Ready™ supports the essential functionality and support you need to mitigate compliance risk, avoid civil monetary penalties, and eliminate hidden data quality problems. Like the rest of the ComplianceTech suite of tools, HMDA Ready™ is fully cloud-based and secure, so you can use it anywhere at any time.