In order to thrive in the lending business, you need to identify market opportunities, formulate lending benchmarks, and adopt lending best practices. While all these tasks can be challenging, ComplianceTech can help you make them simpler thanks to our software products: LendingPatterns™ and Fair Lending Magic™. We’ve been helping companies of all sizes since 1992, and here’s how we can help yours:   

You want to find opportunities to grow

At ComplianceTech, we understand that not all lenders are created equal, so you need a data mining tool if you’re assessing the potential of a specific market. LendingPatterns™ can process millions of applications and racial lending patterns within three minutes. Uncover new lending opportunities with our software and find out how well you’re performing in each market.

You have to simplify compliance

If legal and regulatory compliance issues are giving you a hard time, we have the best solution for your needs! LendingPatterns™ can identify hidden compliance failure risks and test your data for early compliance with 2018 HMDA submission specifications. You can rest assured knowing that our powerful software will prepare you for the next Fair Lending or CRA exam.

You need to conduct a risk assessment

Conducting risk assessments is one of the most important tasks for a lending business. Fair Lending Magic™ will ensure that your risk assessment takes regression models for underwriting and pricing into consideration, so you can analyze fair lending activity and run tests in a timely fashion.

You are looking to streamline fair lending/CRA preparation

Fair Lending Magic™ is the perfect solution to quickly and efficiently create detailed reports to help your lending analysts. Our software comes with a point and click interface that is easy to use and saves your time by automatically generating charts and graphs. With so much work to do, you can’t spend hours with presentations that don’t communicate what you want to say. Fortunately, Fair Lending Magic™ can solve that problem for you!

If you have any questions or concerns about our solutions, let our team help you! Our staff consists of professionals with experience with lending, research, statistical analysis, law and economics. Contact us through our website or by calling (202) 842-3800.