Welcome to the webinar: Navigating Fair Lending: Insights into Risk Assessments and Monitoring for Credit Unions! We will address the following topics during the July 18, 2023, webinar at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Fair Lending Hot Topics for CUs

In today’s regulatory environment, credit unions face increasing scrutiny regarding fair lending practices. Join our insightful webinar to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable guidance on navigating this complex terrain. Learn about key fair lending topics and how they impact credit unions, helping you maintain compliance and build member trust.

Fair Lending Risk Assessments: Enhancing Compliance

Maintaining compliance and avoiding potential pitfalls requires thorough, fair lending risk assessments. Our experts will guide you through the process, tailored specifically to credit unions. Learn how to identify areas of concern, evaluate your institution’s fair lending performance, and implement effective risk management strategies. Gain insights into risk assessment methodologies and practical tips for enhanced compliance.

Identifying Fair Lending Risks (HMDA): Unveiling Insights

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) is pivotal in fair lending compliance for credit unions. Join us as we delve into HMDA requirements and explore the key data points that can reveal fair lending risks. Understand how to analyze your HMDA data effectively, identify potential disparities, and address lending patterns. Discover best practices for ensuring compliance with HMDA regulations and promoting fair lending practices.

Closer Look at Auto Lending Analysis: Mitigating Risks

Auto lending presents its own unique fair lending challenges. Gain valuable insights into the factors contributing to potential disparities and discriminatory practices in auto lending. Learn how to leverage data analytics and statistical techniques for comprehensive analysis. Discover proactive strategies to mitigate risks and promote fair lending within your credit union’s auto loan portfolio.

Q & A: Your Specific Concerns Addressed

We value your participation and want to address your specific concerns. Engage in our interactive Q & A session, where our experts will answer your fair lending questions. Seek clarification on regulatory requirements or gain guidance on implementing effective monitoring strategies tailored to credit unions. Our panel of experts is here to provide valuable insights and practical solutions.

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