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The Importance of Maintaining Your HMDA Data Accuracy

The Importance of Maintaining Your HMDA Data Accuracy

When it comes to your client’s data, your main priority should rightly be keeping it secure from any third parties. However, when the time comes to deliver the data and you have accidentally omitted a piece of information, it can have serious consequences for you and...

VA owes disabled veterans refunds on home loan fees, report says

The federal government owes at least $189 million to 53,000 disabled veterans who overpaid on their home loans, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ inspector general. Read more on the Washington Post website. ComplianceTech also posted a blog on the...

DIY File Review Using 2018 HMDA Alone: a Step-by-Step Guide*

Thanks to the expanded underwriting and pricing fields that are part of the 2018 HMDA dataset, users of the popular LendingPatterns™ software can identify file records based on qualification criteria and outcomes that are candidates for further review. Specifically,...

How the CUNA Fair Lending Workshop Can Help Your Business

Mortgage lending and compliance is a field that is constantly shifting, with new legislation requiring credit unions to change their practices and systems appearing regularly. Fortunately, the Credit Union National Association understands these changes and hosts...

Six HMDA Analyses You Never Thought Possible

I made a list of six intriguing analyses that can be done with the public 2018 HMDA data. Possibilities are almost endless. Affordability Analysis  You can find where the borrowers are who can afford homes above a particular threshold (e.g., $1 million) using...

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