HMDA Insights

Early HMDA Reporters Like Jumbos, Refis   |   Jun 19

It’s here! The Early Look report gives HMDA heads like me a chance to preview 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data in advance of the official fall release. What happens is, ComplianceTech asks firms that have filed their HMDA reports read more >

A Tale of Two Mortgage Cities, New York and Los Angeles   |   Jun 09

Whites received less than half the mortgages originated in the nation’s two most populous cities in 2015. According to data in LendingPatterns™, whites received about 46 percent of mortgages in New York City, the nation’s largest, and 49 percent in read more >

A Tale of Two More Mortgage Cities   |   May 30

The nation’s third and fourth most populous cities, Chicago and Houston, are similar in population (both between two and three million) and in the dollar volume of mortgages made in them in 2015 (Chicago $17.8 billion, Houston $17.1 billion, purchased read more >

Mortgage Denials Tilted Toward Refis in 2015   |   May 26

Potential borrowers were more than twice as likely to see their applications for refinancing dollars denied in 2015 as apps for purchase finance. A look at LendingPatterns™ shows $280 billion of refi denials that year, with just $127 billion of read more >

Small Mortgage Lenders Saw Only a Small Piece of the Pie   |   May 03

It is a tale of two cities, the mortgage lenders with the most assets in 2015 compared to those in the smallest asset group. In my last blog I looked at the 107 lenders with more than $10 billion in read more >