HMDA Insights

Early Reporters Made One in Five Mortgages to Minorities   |   Aug 21

Early Look HMDA responders have reported making 21 percent of their 2016 mortgages to minorities. Of lenders who have pre-reported their HMDA data to ComplianceTech as of Aug. 17, 558,000 of 2.7 million originations have gone to minorities, according to read more >

Four of five VA mortgages going into Ginnie Mae MBS   |   Aug 01

Nearly four out of five Department of Veterans Affairs mortgages originated in 2016 by early HMDA reporters are finding their way into Ginnie Mae securities, LendingPatterns™ data show. That’s an even higher percentage than Federal Housing Administration loans going into read more >

Two thirds of FHA mortgages are finding their way into Ginnie Mae MBS   |   Jul 26

It isn’t true that all Federal Housing Administration mortgages are being pooled into Government National Mortgage Association mortgage-backed securities, an early look at 2016 HMDA numbers show. Well, it’s almost true. Early reporters of 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data read more >

Private Label Securities Still Not Robust in 2016   |   Jul 05

The private label securitization market still hasn’t come back to full life, based on the evidence of an early look at 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data. LendingPatterns™ Early Look data, which contain more than a third of 2015’s HMDA read more >

Agency Volume for 2016 Is 48 Percent in Early Going   |   Jun 29

Agency and non-agency/not sold mortgages were neck and neck in early HMDA reporting. The three main agencies had a little more than 48 percent of early reporter volumes in the 2016 Early Look reports on LendingPatterns™. Non-agency investors and held-in-portfolio read more >