The year may almost be over, but that doesn’t mean the learning opportunities for fair lending compliance management professionals is over. ComplianceTech is always searching for new events to advance our skill sets and those of our clients, and we believe the next great opportunity is at the 2019 Fair Lending Interagency Webinar.

Here is a quick breakdown of what exactly the 2019 Fair Lending Interagency Webinar comprises and how it can benefit your institution.

What is the 2019 Fair Lending Interagency Webinar?

The 2019 Fair Lending Interagency Webinar is an event put on by the Federal Reserve System and is part of their 2019 webinar series. The series as a whole seeks to inform financial institutions and other businesses about important issues such as compliance, risk assessment, reinvestment, and a variety of other relevant subjects.

This webinar series is important because it is one of the few conferences designed to give visitors a chance to interact with a variety of government organizations. This year’s agency guests include the Department of Justice, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Reserve Board, and many others that can answer any questions guests may have on compliance policy and execution.

What Are the Benefits of Attending?

One of the major benefits attendees can expect from the interagency webinar is an in-depth analysis of redlining.

Redlining is an unethical practice where lenders discriminate against areas based on the population’s ethnicity, and unfortunately happens more than you’d expect. Guests of the conference can sit in on advanced discussions of the topic and hear how their organization can avoid it. Attendees will also get the chance to inform themselves with an actual case of redlining involving an American financial institution and the litigation that ensued.

Finally, registrants will be presented with the latest technological and legislative innovations and developments in the HMDA process, including review observations, investigations into user complaints, and analyses of financial institutions’ experiences with the Community Reinvestment Act.

The 2019 Fair Lending Interagency Webinar is one of the greatest opportunities for financial institutions to learn about compliance, but guests need to act fast and register before October 1st.

Financial regulation and compliance is a constantly evolving industry, and we at ComplianceTech are always ready to meet with industry experts to refine our systems and processes. Contact our team of fair lending experts at info@ or visit us online and see how our products and services can help keep you on the right side of the law.