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Fair Lending Magic™ automates compliance and fair lending risk analysis for all types of loans. It equips the fair lending analyst with the tools needed to quickly and efficiently conduct evaluations that lead to effective analysis of risk management and lending practices. With Fair Lending Magic’s™ point and click interface, analysis can be completed in minutes, with automatically generated charts and graphs that can be easily exported into your presentations or dashboard to communicate your message clearly and effectively.  There is no software to install or maintain, because you access Fair Lending Magic™ from the cloud.  


  • Redlining Risk: Statistically determine whether there is a difference in the market share in majority-minority versus majority-white census tracts, relative to the appropriate peer group
  • Underwriting Risk: Rule out statistically significant differences in approval/denial by race, ethnicity, gender, and age, then confirm whether the disparity is explained by differences in qualifications
  • Pricing Risk: Understand statistically significant differences in pricing by prohibited basis groups as explained by rate sheet pricing adjustment factors
  • CRA-Fair Lending Risk: Analyze fair lending inside and outside CRA Assessment Areas
  • Steering Risk: Confirm that the data do not show a pattern of placing customers into less desirable products on a prohibited basis when they qualified for a better product
  • Custom Peer Analysis: Incorporate robust custom peer groups created in LendingPatterns™
  • Comparative/Transactional File Review: Perform underwriting and pricing matched-pair analyses
  • HMDA-LAR Prep: Build and verify a HMDA loan application register from scratch
  • Versatility: Monitor consumer, business, automobile,and mortgage lending activity with a single tool

Training and Support

  • Free company-specific training
  • Frequent workshops offered through free online training with live instruction
  • Video library available for frequently asked “how to” questions
  • Email help-desk support 8 am to 8 pm EST
  • All maintenance included in annual license fee

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