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LendingPatterns Lite™

LendingPatterns Lite™ is derived from ComplianceTech’s highly popular LendingPatterns Pro paid subscription application. This new free site is designed to serve those with a need to know more about mortgage lending in the United States. ComplianceTech’s vision for LendingPatterns Lite™ is to make the power of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data accessible to everyone, anytime, on an easy to use intuitive website.

To gain access to the tool, and to get more information, go to LendingPatternsLite.com. A free registration to LendingPatterns Lite™ provides charts, downloadable PDFs, and the ability to export data in spreadsheet format. This tool is ComplianceTech’s contribution to the public discourse on mortgage lending. Using this valuable data source, the industry and public at-large will become more informed about the business of mortgage lending.

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