Hmda Ready

For all mortgage lenders who need to prepare a HMDA loan application register (LAR) intelligently for submission

What can HMDA Ready™ do for you?

What HMDA Ready™ does for you
  1. Avoid civil monetary penalties, costly resubmission expenses.
  2. Mitigate Compliance Management System (CMS) Risk by building a better HMDA data foundation.
  3. Identifies hidden data quality problems undetected by edit check.
  4. Establishes the foundation for accurate and effective fair lending monitoring.
  5. Critical for a superior fair lending examination experience by your federal or state examining authority.
Step-by-Step guided process mirrors the HMDA data creation process
  1. Fully integrated with other ComplianceTech tools, (Fair Lending Magic™, Lending Patterns™, HMDA Ready™, and CRA Check™)
  2. Free upgrade for existing LP or FLM customers
Includes key reports by race, ethnicity and age

1. Better data quality improves managerial decision-making

2. Generate submission-ready loan application register databases from scratch using our spreadsheet template or via import from a loan origination system or other vendors’ application

On-screen access HMDA guidance

1. Unlimited training and support

 2. Allows limited access for others to help prepare the HMDA data for submission