Fair Lending Software 

The ComplianceTech Suite of Products™ is the best compliance software solution for your organization, with comprehensive training and services from fair lending experts. These tools not only simplify the data collection and validation process but it’s the most comprehensive way to mitigate risk and ensure compliance every step of the way not only right now but far into the future. 

Here’s a quick overview of what this comprehensive suite of tools will do for you and your team! 

LendingPatterns™ is a premier web-based, HMDA data-mining tool for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. It’s an easy-to-use solution with the power and flexibility to generate custom reports and identify fair lending risks related to underwriting, pricing, redlining, and steering. 

LendingPatterns™ generates executive-level reports that cover many aspects of mortgage lending and promote informed decision-making. It puts the power of robust data analysis and reporting at your fingertips, with peer analysis and insights you can trust. 

Fair Lending Magic ™ is a web-based tool designed to deliver fair lending risk analysis and compliance solutions for virtually all types of loans. Effective compliance is only possible with accurate data collection and analysis. 

Fair Lending Magic ™ allows you to pinpoint areas of fair lending risk while it guides you to where you should consider a more in-depth analysis. The dashboard allows you to communicate fair lending issues with management and provide supporting details.

HMDA Ready

HMDA Ready™ allows you to create a submission-ready loan application register (LAR), which is also completely integrated into the ComplianceTech Suite of tools. It is accessible with easy-to-use templates and quick import functionality from the loan origination system.

HMDA Ready™ supports the essential functionality and support you need to mitigate compliance risk, avoid civil monetary penalties, and eliminate hidden data quality problems. Like the rest of the ComplianceTech suite of tools, HMDA Ready™ is fully cloud-based and secure, so you can use it anywhere at any time.  

HMDA Ready

CRA Check™ is a secure cloud-based tool, which allows you to create, submit, or report on a CRA loan application register (LAR). It not only validates CRA compliance, but it allows users to prepare for their CRA exams. 

CRA Check™ allows users to review, scrub, and correct data before sharing the reports with management and the examiner. It’s a comprehensive data quality tool, with the details managers need to evaluate performance and better make decisions

HMDA Ready

Fair Servicing™ is an automated tool designed to ensure fair and consistent treatment during the loan default and loss mitigation process. It allows you to transform the data into fair servicing analytics, so you can monitor activities that might violate the regulatory rules or fair lending laws. 

Fair Servicing™ allows you to evaluate loss mitigation application risks, outcome disparity risks, and other risks based on the regulatory guidelines. So, you can determine significant differences in loss mitigation application approval or denial by race, gender, age, income, and property location. 

HMDA Ready

With the combined power of so many effective tools at your fingertips, ComplianceTech has already proven that it can support your needs for regulatory and compliance in the financial services industry. Founded in 1992, we specialize in helping you to understand and take advantage of evolving opportunities in your organization while mitigating risk and absolutely ensuring complete compliance at every level.  

With our multidisciplinary team of experts, we do the work for you across lending, research, statistical analysis, law, and economics to exploit novel data-driven technologies. Then, what we deliver with our consulting services is a simplified approach that focuses on unique opportunities for improving the profitability of your diverse lending proposition.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can test out and see the difference for yourself, with comprehensive training and services from fair lending experts.