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In today’s modern world, it becomes simply unavoidable to progress your business using the technological advancement of e-commerce. Most corporate industries are already using systemized programs incorporated into their daily business transactions and procedures such as data analysis and monitoring, consultancy practices, and others. With this, our goal at ComplianceTech is to completely boost web tools in providing ease and accurate data system.

Our company is one of the top servers of comprehensive system software that empowers HMDA software support for a logical formula such as lending monitoring, risk assessment, file review of transactions, mapping, and statistical study.

What We Offer

Here at ComplianceTech, we make sure to meet and provide the most recent demands from any business client anywhere in the world. Thus, we offer several software products that not only enhance the HMDA software capacity but also afford reasonable and affordable costs of service.

  1. Lending Software Product

This is just one of our top conventional products which center on web-tool for data mining and assessment gizmo for synchronizing shedloads of loan data applications from numerous mortgage creditors and other clients, particularly in the US. We ensure to deliver a revolutionary tool data builder integrated into a user-friendly platform. The software tallies organizes and compiles vast categorical information stored and recorded in the system. Hence, this would be an administrative advantage for most business holders to attain the fast-paced and result-oriented company transactions.

In just a few minutes, the software can process inquiries or requests from clients. It can also detect and finish millions of individual records filed by mortgage customers at a brief period of time.

  1. Fair Lending Magic

This product offers automation when it comes to risk evaluation and breakdown as well as compliance in loan-related terms. The auto tools can accurately come up with detailed immediate outline and summary of loan data results.

The HMDA-LAR Prep is also established to have an advanced checking of the concept and verification process of loan registrations. In addition, it can also monitor the client, mortgage, automobile, and occupational activities. The redlining and underwriting risk monitoring tool, on the other hand, provides the market data per categorical grounds of customers; and the latter involves tracing out significant difference of statistics in terms of the status of loan applications using their profile types such as the race, gender, age, ethnicity as part of their qualifications.

Moreover, the pricing and CRA-Fair lending risk tools focus more on the pricing ranges based on the data presented or acquired from each loan client. This is enhanced using the rate sheet prices with adjustment factor plotter. Steering risk as part of the Fair Lending Magic tool presents data confirmations of applicants who have better qualifications for products and those who have on a prohibited base with less appropriate products.

The custom peer analysis aids in customizing peer groups found in the Lending Patterns. To further, the transactional file review also presents underwriting as well as pricing analysis for matched-pair data.

Important Information

ComplianceTech both expertly offers lending patterns and fair lending magic with QuestSoft as our licensed reseller. You can be part of us and affiliate with our office through this email:

HMDA software
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