HMDA Prep and Submission

HMDA Prep and Submission

Making HMDA Prep and Submission Easier

The business of lending in the United States is regulated by the government for many reasons. Fair lending laws have been designed to ensure that every individual will have access to credit. The approval of credit applications, however, will depend on their individual credit-worthiness, without race, national origin, or gender affecting the decision. Based on these fair lending laws, institutions that extend credit to consumers are evaluated on their compliance. Fortunately, the software systems of ComplianceTech have made HMDA prep and submission easier.

Due to compliance requirements, financial companies that are in the business of lending are required to submit certain reports to the government. The government, in turn, checks these reports to make sure that the companies are operating their businesses in a way that meets the requirements of fair lending laws.

Fair Process

The US government ensures that every individual will have access to credit. This is part of the basic rights that are enjoyed in the land of the free, and an important one at that. In a nation that is called home by people from many races, it is impossible not to encounter some form of a personal inclination to some race, gender, age, or cultural group. It is not impossible to imagine how misinterpretations could happen when the population is marked with many languages representing various cultures. Thus, the government has explicitly written into law the guiding factors that will make sure each person will have a fair chance for every possible financial assistance even with the private sector.

In order to submit the required reports to the government, the financial institutions will have to analyze thousands, if not millions, of data from their operations. Not only will they have to go through every loan documentation, but all the payments gathered through the years for the loans made.

But the data gathered will not only make a company compliant with the law. From these reports, the progress, or lack thereof, of the company as a business entity could be determined and adjustments made. Analytics could also show areas where the company could adjust to make its bottom line grow at the rate that they desire.

Gives You a Guarantee

The good thing with advanced software like LendingPatterns of ComplianceTech, mining and exploration tools are made available to analyze millions of loan documents that companies receive. These documents could be loan applications or the actual documentation of approved loans. The software could generate all kinds of reports that may be needed by the company.

Reports come in all types: there are reports for assessment of risks for pricing, possible risks for approved loans for all demographic categories, monitoring of all kinds of lending activities. From the myriad of reports, the company could do a host of analysis which could become the basis for policy decisions for the company.

More importantly, the companies could study the reports generated and make sure they are compliant with government requirements where fair lending laws are concerned. Adjustments could then be made based on generated reports by mining and exploration tools in the software of ComplianceTech. With the speed of report generation by our cloud-based software and its reasonable cost, HMDA prep and submission will be a breeze. Call our office now for an assessment of your company needs.

HMDA Prep and Submission
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HMDA Prep and Submission HMDA Prep and Submission

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