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Business institutions, either big or small, are both looking for advanced strategy in developing lending and consultancy tools in terms of HDMA web procedures. That is why, we, at ComplianceTech have established and are consistently offering accurate HMDA-Plus revolutionary tools to cater to the needs of all business extents.

The company, in a few years now, is helping to recreate a simpler and a more convenient manner of providing systematized analyzing tools. Because of our fair lending consultation service, many clients have already entrusted their business procedures to our software capacities for ease.


Our lending intelligence solutions are highly recognized and respected in the corporate industry due to our widely-known strategical assistance for detecting marketable prospects, loan benchmarking preparations, support mechanics for emerging and startup markets, and CRA as well as enhancing top corporate performances.

  1. More advanced web tools. We focus our services to research and analysis, lending and loan procedures, law or economic terms and applications. Our HMDA-Plus tools provide a more in-depth level of accuracy in terms of statistical and qualitative analyses, consultancy and outsource service delivery, and effective lending systems.

Specifically, the tools provided by each of our software platforms enable precise duties of transactional filing activity such as the matched pair and the benchmark overlapping, and the statistical difference establisher by demographic profile (race, gender, and age). Moreover, these tools can as well present the balanced outcomes for differences in profile qualifications and the existing prohibited factors involved.

  1. Constant Article Updates and Resources

We spontaneously create essential updates for each of our offered web tools for easy access of latest user guides, video tutorials, specifications and guides, and regulatory procedures.

We transparently present top affiliated companies who find ease in handling their corporate transactions with the help of our very own HMDA web efficiency. We create constant magazine and news keep ups for interested clients and those who want to build their niche with us.

  1. Assessment System

Our pool of expert consultation service providers manages to give a variety of options on how to successfully choose the right lending assistance for your budget and maximize your full capacity to reinvent your style of business procedures and option applications.

We also have this so-called fair lending exam preparation which implements a demo procedure on how to come up and handle a fair lending issue that might arise in your future dealings. This will assist you with the step by step know-hows on what to do and how to solve a compliance concern during your regulators’ visit test. In this way, you can also ensure: the reliability and accountability of your lending compliance system type; detection of every discrimination instance that might occur as part of the fair lending system and the process; and the capacity of self-auditing that will enhance the successful elimination, improvement, advancement, and proper response to occurring problems, either regular or unusual.

Another paramount support consultation support preparation is fair lending issues risk assessment. This is the crucial process done by our very proficient analysts who take surveys and discussions in connection with the lender's management support.

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